Exclusive to pramland in East Yorkshire Kiddy manufacturer innovative and hugely successful car seats for all ages. From 0+ infant carriers and Group 1 seats to their range of Group 2/3 seats the Kiddy range has won numerous awards including many coverted Which awards.

Renowned for the Kiddy impact shield the Kiddy group 1 range of seats offer a proven, improved safety factor without the use of a traditional harness. The impact shield spreads the forces experienced in a crash over a wider area and therefore your child is less likely to suffer secondary injuries.

Visit our store now for a full demonstration why the Kiddy range makes perfect sense and is fast coming the number one brand in europe!
Kiddy Guardian Fix Pro Group 1 2/3 Car Seat (Walnut)
Kiddy Nest Group 0+ Car Seat (Rumba)
Kiddy CruiserFix Pro Group 2/3 Car Seat (Niagara)
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